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Everything, absolutely everything can be connected:
Airplanes, trains, automobiles, machinery and equipment of all kinds, finished products, spare parts and accessories are able to communicate with both humans and each other. Examples:

  • The capsules of the new Nespresso Cube can be obtained independently thanks to RFID: [to the article]
  • The supply chain management of Airbus is completely based on RFID:[to the article]
  • The new sportscar which includes RFID: [to the article]
  • The new Swiss passport for the public transport with integrated RFID chip: [to the article]


There are RFID applications everywhere and more are coming... but what does this mean for you and your company?


Everything you always wanted to know about RFID, NFC, IoT, RTLS / GPS, killer Apps and what that means for you and your company, you can now learn in comprehensive RFID courses.

You will learn in small groups in a couple of days all about RFID/IoT and its mission in different industries and applications. Individual Modules can also be booked, according to the toolkit principle. The interactive lessons including visual material in classes of max 12 participants will lead to the best learning success.


All details about the courses on and


Technology of Switzerland – That is where I buy my technology


Development of IT systems that put customers ahead.

High Quality IT Solutions

Our engineers know what is needed to create innovative and high quality IT solutions. We put ourselves in the customer's role to understand the demands of the system. We know the market trends and the customers don’t need to undertake the difficult task of deciding technology and tools because the TWI promises Swiss quality and continuity.

IT-solution based on Microsoft

The customer gets exactly what he needs and demands. But we still use or keep standards, so that the client only invests in the individuality.

Get in contact with us for more information or inquiries:


Mobile and social media like fire and brimstone.


The future of IT will take place mobile. And successful will be who manages to align its business model to be aware of the strengths of mobile and put the benefits of the consumer in the focus. Smartphones and tablets have long been considered reliable equipment, which make employees more flexible and independent, and so extend the availability of the company implicitly over the regular working hours.

This means faster decisions, more direct reactions, higher availability and ultimately higher performance in spite of increasing motivation and feeling of more space and time.


CTI Startup for entrepreneur

About 40 professional business coaches offer start-ups in Switzerland a particular competence network. They were once even start-ups and are experienced in the industry today. Based on TWI AG's own learning management system Global Teach, we build the training portal for the young entrepreneurs.

Radio Monitoring, networked monitoring

Control instruments, data acquisition and display in real-time on a map or in diagram is a longterm project together with OFCOM. Distributed over the whole Switzerland, linked together, fault-tolerant and high availability measurement stations and measuring-Pcs are avaiable to the operator who can access it from any measurement station to take measurements or initiate long-term measurement campaigns.


Sophisticated tools for innovative ideas

Microsoft .NET




JavaScript, jQuery






Microsoft .NET

The .NET Framework is a software framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. It includes a large library and provides language interoperability across several programming languages. Programs written for the .NET Framework execute in a software environment known as the Common Language Runtime (CLR), an application virtual machine that provides services such as security, memory management, and exception handling. The class library and the CLR together constitute the .NET Framework.

Only the Software engineers with many years of experience are able to optimally use the extensive class libraries, language elements and interfaces of .NET. For this reason we have decided to concentrate us on .Net and use as preferable basis of our solutions. Continuity, large user community, and continuing education are just as important as software architecture and software concepts.
For customers, the benefits:
Security, investment protection and lower operating costs thanks to competitors and good support in the market.


Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft. As a database, it is a software product whose primary function is to store and retrieve data as requested by other software applications, be it those on the same computer or those running on another computer across a network (including the Internet). There are at least a dozen different editions of Microsoft SQL Server aimed at different audiences and for different workloads (ranging from small applications that store and retrieve data on the same computer, to millions of users and computers that access huge amounts of data from the Internet at the same time).


Security: SQL Server provides two security models including integration with Windows Authentication to provide robust security platform for managing your organizations information.

Scalability: SQL Server is a highly scalable enterprise database platform capable of managing petabytes of data while delivery high performance.

Business Intelligence: SQL Server Standard and Enterprise Editions come with extensive business intelligence capabilities through SQL Server Analysis Services.

Integration: SQL Server provides a robust set of integration tools call SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).



 what in mechanics works for a long time becomes common. In computer science this experience is comming slowly to practice. Why to do everything by yourself if there are framework and recommendations. TWI AG thinks also this way!

Javascript Frameworks

The frameworks jQuery, Mootools, Knockout, Backbone, and how they all are called, are the basis of modern web technology. With the rapid pace of technology progress, choosing the right frameworks, for a project is not always easy, because what counts today could be tomorrow "out". Only those who every day works with them and time invests for it recognize trends and flops. Customers of TWI AG can rely on us to take the right horse.

Mobile Apps

The times in which we develop applications exclusively with user interface that are considered to have a monitor and operated by keyboard and mouse are over. Meanwhile, it is not uncommon to take smartphones and tablets as enduser devices too. These devices are now packed with diverse technical gimmicks: GPS module, accelerometer, audio player, camera, etc. in iPhone, Android & Co. as standard.

A web application often has limited access to all these functions. For full access you need a native app that is installed directly on the mobile device. In the development you have to decide for one of the worlds smartphone: iPhone, Android, Windows or Blackberry. However, with the open source PhoneGap framework, there is a cross-platform development environment, which allows to develop native applications using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Thus, the development costs for the different platforms can be drastically reduced.

Cloud Solution

For the TWI AG, as an innovative software development company, the cloud is a hot topic. TWI AG is a competent partner for solutions based on PaaS and SaaS.

A cloud application is only worth as much as the architecture on which it is based.
An application must be developed directly for the cloud. Scalability and high availability have to be considered from the start.

1 The performance of an application depends on the provided cloud environment.

2 Only with good planning and sufficient resources performant cloud application  can be provided.

3 For each virtual resource, a physical hardware must be provided with adequate power so that a private cloud is brought the expected performance.

4 Service Level Agreement (SLA) lets you optimize performance.

5 The permanent monitoring of all application metrics in the cloud is essential.


We would like to list you in our references.

Satisfied clients are successfull clients.

We contribute to a part of our customer's success, that is our credo!

Every client is a reference

Every new customer project is a reference for our future. With this attitude, we will tackle your next project.

Our customers win every day all over again..

Forming an alliance and lear from each other ensures stability and flexibility and builds partnerships.

History of our customers from 30 years:

Global Teach® Learning Management

Global Teach is a leading eLearning platform, which supports educational processes efficiently and a versatile way. The application has been established for over 20 years in the market and is constantly evolving. Distribution through our subsidiary company Swissteach AG.

Syrona™ an eye on employee health

Syrona collects employee absence data and presents it in a clear and appropriate manner. It allows the company to recognize patterns and react immediately to management weaknesses, stress, environmental pollution, etc.. Distribution through our subsidiary company sol4u AG.

Zirkon™, Journaling und Projekttracking

Projects in the TWI AG are accompanied by the project management tool Zirkon from the order until to acceptance reports. Zircon was developed by TWI AG with .NET and MS-SQL. This project journaling tool is already over 10 years in use.

ISC indirect sales channel

Indirect sales channels can only sell products if they have the necessary information fast and direct: price lists, descriptions, inventory, documentation. TWI has developed this online application "ISC" for Swisscom. Distribution through our subsidiary company sol4u AG.

Postcard campaign.

Standard programs or individual applications using standard components, which fits better?






With standard you can save money in the evaluation, but you will waste it 1000 time more by the enduser.


With standard software the evaluation team move the responsibility to the enduser.


standards means for me "share cost".

My opinion of standard software

you can select a standard answer or write your own comment.


The TWI AG is succesfully in business for you almost 30 years



Fact & Figures




Mission Statement




The TWI-Group


Marc Brotbeck, Chairman of the Board

Dipl. Ing. NDU / KMU-HSG

Founder and owner of TWI AG. Committed to sustainable projects for the customers providing added value and support their success. files/TWI13/Bilder/Layout/xing.png files/TWI13/Bilder/Layout/linkedin.png

Peter Schären, Head of Engineering

Dipl. Ing. NDS / FH Bern

Responsible for IT Solution. He avouches for projects with a long-term view that are developed today for tomorrow. Xing-Link files/TWI13/Bilder/Layout/linkedin.png

Lukas Spiess, CEO

Executive Diploma HSG in SME Management

He cares about the satisfaction of customers and employees and makes the company ready for the future. His credo: here is always a solution! Xing-Link files/TWI13/Bilder/Layout/linkedin.png

TWI AG - facts and figures

Legal form:

Joint stock company

Founding year:



Financial independent privat owners

D-U-N-S Nr.:


VAT Nr.:

125 326

UID Nr.:


Bank account:

UBS AG, CH-Biel/Bienne


CH65 0027 2272 3012 9003 V / CHF


CH07 0027 2272 3012 9060 V / EUR

Registered office:

CH-2503 Biel/Bienne

Management system

ISO 9001:2000 RegNr: 05-209-099

Industrial sector:

Services in the information technology



TWI is the first choice for first-class, customized and challenging IT solutions with highest quality.

Our mission statement

TWI AG is success-oriented and independent.


TWI AG contributes to the success of customers with engineering services.


TWI AG realizes technically challenging software solution.


TWI AG thinks ecologically and ethically.


TWI AG offers work for high qualified engineers.


TWI AG never gives up.


TWI AG is always available for customers.


  • 1985 TWI AG was founded in Biel by Marc Brotbeck and partners.

  • 1986 TWI AG participates in the project baggage sorting fingerdock Airport Zürich (process controller).

  • 1990 TWI AG with the PTT establishes a measurement network for radio monitoring.

  • 1995 TWI AG wins against foreign competitors the tender for the project "distant learning“.

  • 2000 TWI AG generates from the project learning management system, the Global Teach® product.

  • 2005 TWI AG expands its operating field to the market area D-A-CH.

  • 2007 TWI AG becomes Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

  • 2009 Global Teach® users exceed the number of 1 million active users.

  • 2010 TWI AG starts to build up a dealer network.

  • 2012 TWI AG participates in a learning content company in Germany.

  • 2013 TWI AG divides its services engineering and eLearning in two companies (TWI and Swissteach).

TWI Group

The holding company TWI Group consists of three companies TWI AG, Swissteach AG and Learning Production GmbH.



   stands for

   customer tailored IT Solution


- Swissteach AG

   stands for

   modern learning technologies


- Learning Production GmbH

   stands for

   multimedia-based learning content












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