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TWI - IT Solutions is a lean, flexible Swiss IT company in the field of technical informatics embedded in a strong and competent partner network. Our focus is on production tracking & tracing, integration and adaptation of existing, new and heterogeneous systems. Continuous communication and flexibility between all systems is the key to long-term success. 


Consistent communication

The communication between machines, sensors, embedded devices and backend systems is a decisive factor for the implementation of industry 4.0 applications. Progressive automation increasingly requires networking between heterogeneous systems. New tasks can be solved by enabling communication participants to exchange relevant information flexibly and directly with each other in the future.


Always a bIT ahead.

Development of sustainable IT systems that puts customers ahead.

Swiss Quality IT Solutions

Do you not have your own IT department in your company? Do you always have to deal with difficult ICT questions that are difficult to answer without the right specialist knowledge?

Our software engineers know what it takes to create innovative and high-quality software solutions. We put ourselves in the role of the customer to understand their system requirements. We know the market trends and can relieve the customer of the difficult task of deciding on current technologies and tools and  Because in TWI - IT Solutions the highest Swiss quality and continuity count.


IT-solutions based on Microsoft

We respond to the needs of our customers and offer sustainable IT solutions, thanks to the use of proven Microsoft tools. TWI - IT Solutions documents and maintains its own quality assurance system: Quality System ISO 9001:2008 with Sharepoint 2013. All employees have access to processes, documents and templates at all times. For us, Swiss quality means tradition and innovation at the same time.

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Consistent communication and flexibility.

Azure IoT Suite

The tool for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions

Azure IoT Suite is a collection of cloud-based services for implementing Internet of Things solutions. Azure IoT Suite allows you to build and extend an IoT solution without the need to purchase physical computing and storage infrastructure. A typical application example is the remote monitoring of the temperature of machines. Temperature sensors send data to the Azure IoT Hub. With the Azure Stream Analytics component, the data stream can then be analyzed in real-time and stored for further processing.



Production Data Acquisition (PDA)

The basis for Smart Factory and overall plant efficiency

For the implementation of the appropriate IT solution in the direction of Smart Factory, we advise and accompany you in the selection of suitable components.  To have data available in real time in the future, to optimize machine utilization, to make production planning and reporting more efficient - these are just a few examples that help to achieve sustainable controlling. The optimized production of a single component influences and increases the productivity of the entire machine park. Start today and create the infrastructure for tomorrow.


Production Tracking & Tracing

The flexible, open asset identification system

Companies seeking flexible production require end-to-end digitization of all assets in the production process. LeanID enables automatic asset identification using RFID readers. For example, products from suppliers can be automatically captured and included in production data. LeanID is layer oriented and is based on the reference architecture model of Industry 4.0.



Radio Monitoring, Networked Monitoring

Networked real-time measurement

Controlling measuring devices, recording data and displaying them in real time on the map or in diagrams - this is the subject of a long-term project between OFCOM (Federal Office of Communications) and TWI - IT Solutions. This remote operating measurement system for troubleshooting and quality assurance in the radio spectrum has been used throughout Switzerland for over 20 years. Our engineers have developed the software for this purpose.




Technology for a successful future.

Everything, absolutely everything can be connected.

The introduction of end-to-end traceability processes offers the following advantages:


Firstly, the possibilities for control and optimization are increased by complete internal visibility of the processes. Ideally, this is available in real time, which allows comprehensive traceability across all stations.


Secondly, this can reduce business risks and increase product safety.


Thirdly, legal protection can improve reputation, increase counterfeit protection and enhance brand quality protection. Thanks to stepless traceability, it can be guaranteed that only the desired ingredients with the right quality from the correct place of origin were used in the company's own product.



RFID for the traceability of food stuffs, for example in the meat processing industry (EPCIS, EDI, GS1 standard)  [to the video]


High-tech fire and safety: fire extinguishers for inspection and maintenance work:  [to the article]


Tracking & Tracing: Zeppelin won the Digital Innovation Award 2017 with its RFID rental solutions: [to the article]


Make your business smart.


Sophisticated tools for innovative ideas.

EPCIS, EDI, GS1 Standard




JavaScript, jQuery






GS1 application. Traceability in the supply chain: Tracking + Tracing

Traceability is the tracking and tracing of goods and information along the entire supply chain using GTIN and batch identification, collection and exchange of dymanic data. This means that data is exchanged in a standardized way with upstream and downstream partners in the supply chain as well as with other stakeholders and that the desired information on a product can be retrieved at any time.

GS1 offers standards and solutions that regulate data traffic: Event data via EPCIS, transaction data via EDI (GS1 XML, EANCOM) and master data via data synchronization and GS1 standard solutions (e.g. GDSN).


The goal is to create a continuous view in the chain, which enables all steps from the extraction of the raw material to the final product and its distribution, at the production, processing or distribution level.


Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft. As a database, it is a software product whose primary function is to store and retrieve data as requested by other software applications, be it those on the same computer or those running on another computer across a network (including the Internet). There are at least a dozen different editions of Microsoft SQL Server aimed at different audiences and for different workloads (ranging from small applications that store and retrieve data on the same computer, to millions of users and computers that access huge amounts of data from the Internet at the same time).


Security: SQL Server provides two security models including integration with Windows Authentication to provide robust security platform for managing your organizations information.

Scalability: SQL Server is a highly scalable enterprise database platform capable of managing petabytes of data while delivery high performance.

Business Intelligence: SQL Server Standard and Enterprise Editions come with extensive business intelligence capabilities through SQL Server Analysis Services.

Integration: SQL Server provides a robust set of integration tools call SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).



what in mechanics works for a long time becomes common. In computer science this experience is comming slowly to practice. Why to do everything by yourself if there are framework and recommendations. TWI - IT Solutions thinks also this way!

Javascript Frameworks

The frameworks jQuery, Mootools, Knockout, Backbone, and how they all are called, are the basis of modern web technology. With the rapid pace of technology progress, choosing the right frameworks, for a project is not always easy, because what counts today could be tomorrow "out". Only those who every day works with them and time invests for it recognize trends and flops. Customers of TWI - IT Solutions can rely on us to take the right horse.


Lemonbeat is the universal language developed by RWE for IIoT /IoT. A technology of the future that for the first time enables the connection of all "Smart Things" and overcomes the barriers that currently exist between different systems.

Lemonbeat is a new model for communication protocols that makes it very easy to network a wide range of devices. It is very compact, but at the same time flexibly expandable for complex applications. Lemonbeat thus ideally meets the challenges of the IIoT/IoT.


As a provider of home control RWE SmartHome, intelligent device communication is familiar territory for the company. The first B2B customers are already using Lemonbeat today.

Cloud Solution

For the TWI - IT Solutions, as an innovative software development company, the cloud is a hot topic.  TWI - IT Solutions is a competent partner for solutions based on PaaS and SaaS.

A cloud application is only worth as much as the architecture on which it is based.
An application must be developed directly for the cloud. Scalability and high availability have to be considered from the start.

1 The performance of an application depends on the provided cloud environment.

2 Only with good planning and sufficient resources performant cloud application  can be provided.

3 For each virtual resource, a physical hardware must be provided with adequate power so that a private cloud is brought the expected performance.

4 Service Level Agreement (SLA) lets you optimize performance.

5 The permanent monitoring of all application metrics in the cloud is essential.


Satisfied customers are successful customers, we guarantee you consistency.

TWI - IT Solutions has been supporting customers across all industries for 30 years with complex questions in the field of technical information technology. We look for the optimal IT solution for each customer. The success story of our customers is also our success story.


We develop tailor-made software for industry and administration. This includes projects in the areas of integration, communication and adaptation. We are happy to advise you without obligation.






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Brands that trust us.

Who we are.

The TWI - IT Solutions is successfully in business for you since 30 years.



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Mission Statement





Marc Brotbeck, CEO

Dipl. Ing. NDU / KMU-HSG    files/TWI13/Bilder/Layout/xing.png files/TWI13/Bilder/Layout/linkedin.png  

TWI - IT Solutions is a lean, flexible IT company embedded in a strong and competent partner network.

Marc Brotbeck is a computer science engineer in technical computer science (HTL) and holds a postgraduate diploma for managers in SMEs from the University of St. Gallen.

Marc Brotbeck has been involved in the current digital transformation debate for Swiss SMEs for several years.Since 2018. TWI is an official partner of the Swiss Smart Factory and the Innovation Park Biel/Bienne. 

Marc Brotbeck is committed to sustainability in the IT industry and has been successfully managing projects for more than 30 years. 



TWI - IT Solutions, since 34 years successfull on the market.

Legal form:

Joint stock company

Founding year:



Financial independent privat owners

D-U-N-S Nr.:


VAT Nr.:

125 326

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Bank account:

UBS AG, CH-Biel/Bienne


CH65 0027 2272 3012 9003 V / CHF


CH07 0027 2272 3012 9060 V / EUR

Registered office:

CH-2503 Biel/Bienne

Management system

ISO 9001:2000 RegNr: 05-209-099

Industrial sector:

Services in the information technology

The vision and the strategic priorities determine our basic orientation.

Our values are an inner compass for all our activities.They determine who we are and how we behave. Our customers value our technologies and long-term services, which offer them innovative and sustainable solutions. The strategic priorities below are aligned with our customers and aim at sustainable value creation and profitable growth. We support and accompany our customers in the process of digital transformation. Together, we pursue the long-term goal of consistent and sustainable data communication. 


Excellent service and continuous operational improvements thanks to the benefits of optimal collaboration.
The customer as a partner. We exceed our customers' expectations with attractive, innovative solutions.
Operational Excellence. Structured work processes and lean principles are the basis for our performance.
Committed employees. We set high standards and treat others with respect.

We sustainably adapt the systems for the infrastructure of tomorrow.


Tailor-made solutions have been our credo for 30 years.


We think and act ecologically, ethically and socially.


We offer our employees a healthy working environment.


  • 1985  TWI - IT Solutions was founded in Biel by Marc Brotbeck and partners.

  • 1986  TWI - IT Solutions participates in the project baggage sorting fingerdock Airport Zürich (process controller).

  • 1990  TWI - IT Solutions with the PTT establishes a measurement network for radio monitoring.

  • 1995  TWI - IT Solutions wins against foreign competitors the tender for the project "distant learning“.

  • 2000  TWI - IT Solutions generates from the project learning management system, the Global Teach® product.

  • 2005  TWI - IT Solutions expands its operating field to the market area D-A-CH.

  • 2007  TWI - IT Solutions becomes Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

  • 2009 Global Teach® users exceed the number of 1 million active users.

  • 2010  TWI - IT Solutions starts to build up a dealer network.

  • 2012  TWI - IT Solutions participates in a learning content company in Germany.

  • 2013  TWI - IT Solutions divides its services engineering and eLearning in two companies (TWI and Swissteach).

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Together into the networked future.

Official partner and member of Swiss Smart Factory powered by Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne:

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